Top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog Games

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Sonic the Game on Sega

There’s no denying that Sega’s blue hedgehog has had a tough time in the last decade and a half. Once the pride and joy of Sega and the primary contender for Nintendo’ Mario Sonic has slowly fallen into obscurity and has lost most of its fanbase. The reason isn’t the common modern theme of a studio over-extending itself and going bankrupt but rather some rather baffling decisions and awful games that have killed most of the Sega Franchise and its console line. Today the franchise survives thanks to flash game sites like  , Sega’s forays into mobile devices and old school platformers and, oddly enough, Nintendo and its willingness to team up Mario with his former rival. But even if the recent past is gloomy for the hypersonic hedgehog let’s take a look back at five of the greatest Sonic games.

Sonic the Game on Sega

Sonic vs. Knuckles

Sonic versus Knuckles was a very good blending of two stories and a way to introduce a new character into the franchise without the traditional rage inducing co-op levels from some other Sonic games. Knuckles the Echidna played differently, had hsi own levels and felt like a well developed character and not just something tacked onto the game so it could be released so soon after Sonic 3.

Sonic: Generations

Sonic Generations was a breath of fresh air, and, after Sonic Colors a gentle look back at 20 years of the franchise’s history. Two incarnations of Sonic the hedgehog fight through time over levels from three different eras. The game perhaps had more nostalgia value than innovation but it was a great look back at the history of the franchise.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

The latest incarnation of everybody’s favourite blue hedgehog is now cross platform, and available on iOS. The game has perhaps received less praise than some other games on this list but the future of Sonic the Hedgehog lies, more than likely, in the mobile environment. Best of all the game hearkens back to the good old days of Sonic 1-3 and is thoroughly enjoyable if somewhat uneven.

Sonic Adventure

Perhaps the main reason to own a Dreamcast back in the day was this game, a fast but fun 3D platformer that managed to retain all the speed and zany fun of the original side-scroller. Even today the game in its original incarnation has stupendous replay value making it a good rival to Super Mario 64, one of the pinnacles of game design to this very day.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1

Let’s face it, back in the days of ‘Sega does what Nintendon’t’ this was the reason why people chose Sega over Nintendo. The ‘radical’ platformer gave us some insight into just how fast paced and fun video games could be and remains a classic to this very day.


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