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BoxHead The Zombie Wars

Just like vampire stories have swept the world of literature and young adult fiction, the genre of zombie games has swept the online gaming world, rising to become the most unexpectedly popular variety of game the internet has seen. There’s something about that post-apocalyptic setting where the undead have to be fought and destroyed that appeals to many gamers, and so it’s little wonder that there are now thousands of zombie games available to play online. Maybe it’s the movies and the TV shows that make zombie games so popular—or maybe the games themselves are interesting and compelling enough to make people want to play them again and again.

The best thing about choosing to play online games is that you can find hundreds of zombie games which you can play completely for free. If you need to kill some time, or you want to practice your gaming skills, zombie games are a great place to go. And if you want to know which are the best games out there, here are a few ideas.


Boxhead is one of the simplest zombie games out there, in a style and format that many people are familiar with: you control a character running around a field of play, shooting down zombies with ammunition that you find and carry. There’s actually a whole series of Boxhead games—you can try Boxhead 2 for free, at FatCatArcade.com.

BoxHead The Zombie Wars

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 is one of those games that force you to think. It’s not a button-masher, but rather requires strategy and puzzle solving. It’s a text-based game, a “choose your own adventure” game of sorts, and while that might not seem like everyone’s favorite option it’s actually quite enthralling. Add an interesting storyline to good voice acting and great graphics, and you’ve got a quality game on your hands.


Want a new twist on the usual zombie game formula? How about seeing things from the zombie’s point of view for once? In Sonny, that’s exactly what happens. You control a zombie who has to battle for his freedom and survival. Not only is this one of the greatest zombie games, it’s also one of the all-time best online games out there. Almost everyone who likes to play online games votes this one a winner—so go give it a try if you haven’t already.

Zombie games allow you to escape into a world of danger, violence, and gory fun, and if you need an outlet, sometimes these are your best option. Online gamers usually rate zombie games among the best, and if you try them out you might find that you do as well.

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